Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nothing To Fear Here

Amerika is threatening to call for sanctions against the democratically elected government in Nicaragua.

Sandinista comeback alarms US

Ah freedom and democracy, that of course does not mean what you think it does when it comes from the White House. They mean freedom and democracy to accept American Imperialism. Failure to do that makes you enemies of the State.

However perhaps Americans have more in common with Ortega than they think. After all he is anti-abortion just like them.

Former supporters disillusioned by his deals with a corrupt former president, Arnoldo Alemán, and his support for a total abortion ban, backed the dissident Sandinista candidate, Edmundo Jarquin.

Opportunism is spelled O R T E G A.

The Guardian UK writes:

An editing error in the report below introduced a value judgment on the Nicaraguan presidential election with the phrase, "From a social progressive, he [Daniel Ortega] has changed into an ego-driven opportunist ..." when the original article made it clear that this was the opinion of disillusioned Sandinistas.

It was no mistake he is an opportunist.

A change of policy

· No longer advocates central planning but wants to promote "fair markets" and may renegotiate US trade agreement. Hints that landless peasants ought to receive own plots.

· Preaches reconciliation and appointed Jamie Morales, former Contra spokesman, as running mate. Paid Morales compensation for seizing his home in 1980s. Ortega still lives in it.

· Apologised to Mesqitos, a rural community whose homes were torched by Sandinistas for cooperating with Contra rebels.

· Still chummy with Cuba's Fidel Castro, and also Venezuela's Hugo Chávez, but pledges to seek good relations with all countries, including the US.

· Has abandoned secularism and embraced Catholic church.

Ortega tries to ease worries about reign

Ortega poised to return in Nicaragua

At stake is millions of dollars in potential investment, much of it from foreign companies drawn to Nicaragua by the country's cheap labour, low crime rates and decision to join the new Central American Free Trade Agreement. Many are waiting to see if Mr Ortega wins and stays true to promises to continue free-trade policies.


Deja Vu


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Larry Gambone said...

Like you, I don't like the sound of the new Ortega and think he is an opportunist. However, what IO am hoping is that the Nicaraguan people will be inspired by the victory to start moving again. They must be aware of the wave of populism effecting other countries and say "Why aren't we part of it." And the thing with an opportunist, he will go where the masses push him, right up till they push him over.

eugene plawiuk said...

It's not much of change really in Ortegas politics. He went from
Castroism to Catholicism. Unlike his left wing counterparts in South America proper, he has no oil or gas with which to use to declare his independence from the USA. He has cheap goods, T-Shirts etc. and Coffee he can export. It makes his government more reliant on the U.S.