Thursday, November 09, 2006

Leaders of Tomorrow

You know how older folks always talk about you't as the future and leaders of tomorow. Well in Alberta you can be sure that these tiny tinpot tories to be, whom PC Leadership hopeful Jim Dinning wooed last year, are living up to being the future leaders of business and politics in Canada. Its good to see that wildlife is not endangered in Canda's National Parks.

RCMP breaks up Lake Louise party

Approximately 30 students from the U of A along with teams from the universities of Lethbridge, Calgary, British Columbia, Northern British Columbia and Regina were attending the 16th annual Western Business Games (WBG), which was hosted by Paradigm Promotion Ltd, a private company. The event wasn’t officially sanctioned by any of the universities and none of the teams—which were composed primarily of business students—were sponsored or supported by their universities. The U of A stopped funding WBG teams in 2001.

Marketed as a team-building session, and “the best networking opportunities available for students” in the delegate package, many of the events and activities scheduled for the weekend involved drinking, including one dubbed “The Beer Pond.”

“In terms of defending the conference itself, I can’t condone what happened because really there’s no academic content at all and it shouldn’t have any association with the school and we’ve made that clear right from the start,” explained James Matsuba, a co-organizer of the U of A team.

According to a press release issued by the RCMP, they along with other federal and provincial agencies were called out to the hotel numerous times over weekend due to WBG activities. Upon arrival, officers were confronted at times by “students walking around the hotel with open liquor and portable stereos; in underwear and G-strings.”

Of course who can blame them when you have tourist packages like this;
Ski Naked in Lake Louise

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