Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Horror

Proud of his prowess as a butcher

This is the horror of Robert Picktons mass murder of 49 wome
n in the Vancouver area. He was a pig farmer and butcher, what did he do with the womens bodies?

Accused serial killer Robert "Willie" Pickton butchered his victims after killing them A number of bones mixed with debris and manure were found in the farm's slaughterhouse in July 2002, court heard.

Lovecraftian horror
registers in the the minds of the public about this case. It is more than being about mass murder and a serial killer, it is about cannibalism whether real or imagined. And as Lovecraft pointed out on his essay on the Horror in Supernatural Literature, the imagined horror is far worse.

Pickton continued his trade as a butcher, of women and animals. A 'respected trade' unlike that of the women he butchered, according to some rightwing bloggers.

Except contrary to the popluar reporting in the media, not all the women were sex workers. One at least was a bartender. Another respectable trade. And the fact is whatever streets they walked, or line of work they were in, he killed them because they were women.



Jack The Ripper


Violence Against Women

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Joel is one sanctimonious bastard. What unbelievable bile and hatred. He belongs on the same blog roll with Kathy Shaidle...