Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thank The New Canadian Government

Hamas, Fatah power struggle claims more lives

Thanks to Hapers New Canadian Government being the first to declare the Hamas government in Palestine
as terrorists and cutting off funding for the Palestinian authority.

Meanwhile as this internecine battle duplicates those currently occuring across the Middle East in Lebanon and Iraq, thanks to the real American Road Map, which is to destablize the region in favour of Israel. And ironically most of these recent disputes occured immediately after Peter MacKay's visit to the region.

Israels newest ally Canada remains silent on its complicity in this mess. Which results in this;
MacKay's deputy quits post

As our Foreign Affairs Minister was only to quick to point out when he said he was visiting the region last week, riding on Condi Rices coattails, he too loke her was there to listen.

What Peter MacKay Missed: The Little Things That Make an Occupation

Oh yes and to bring hockey to Israel.
We aim to increase and diversify economic partnership. We have even brought hockey to the farthest reaches of Israel.

We would be forgiven for thinking this is just another New Canadian Government Kahn job.





Peter MacKay

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