Friday, February 02, 2007

Gay Marriage and Adoption

Diogenes Borealis, a Blogging Tory, has an excellent Libertarian, yes libertarian, post on the controversy over gay rights in Britain and Canada. In which he correctly points out the difference between public services, and publicly funded organizations and those of privately funded organizations. Gay marriage & adoption - some libertarian thoughts

Which reminded me of the Delwin Vriend affair in Alberta, where the Christian Reform Church Kings University College, fired him because he was gay. Kings College accepted public funding for students and state accreditation as a post secondary institution. Despite their claims that they were a 'private' institution,and claiming they were firing him for religious reasons.
Can't have it both ways as Diogenes points out.

And of course it should never have gone to the Supreme Court, because it was a violation of his rights, and the Alberta Government failed to represent those rights (his case was against the Government not the College), but Social Conservatives are NOT libertarians.

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