Sunday, February 11, 2007

Michael Coren's Fatwa

File this under two wrongs don't make a right or birds of a feather flock together.

I found a startling similarity in Michael Coren's latest column defending a protest over the building of a Mosque in Newmarket and this Saudi Fatwa.

Of course Coren claims its not the Mosque that bothers him but the Imam of the Mosque.

Mosque building made simple: Satisfy the local building codes and do not make excessive noise.

Oh, and don't preach anti-Semitic garbage and call for violent world revolution.

Which is where an otherwise anonymous new Muslim temple in Newmarket, Ont., might have got it wrong. A type of culture clash, by the way, that is being replicated throughout Canada and most of the Western world.

Protesters have emphasized that it is not the mosque that bothered them but the fact that its leader, Zafar Bangash, is a notorious extremist.

So we judge for ourselves. Surely just another little mosque in Canada, with fun and laughter and good cheer all round.

Coren being a born again Christian is of course a zealot for his faith, one which he professes allows him to deny the rights of other faiths.

So I would suspect that underneath his denial of free speech from the pulpit, a Minbar in a Mosque, he really agrees with this fatwa.

Just change Islam for Christianity. Better yet change it to Coren's Personal Christianity.

Because what he is saying is that Muslims should NOT be allowed to build Mosques in Canada. Not unlike those nice folks in

'All Religions Other Than Islam Are Heresy': Saudi Religious Council

The Saudi fatwa reads as follows: "The Permanent Council for Scholarly Research and Religious Legal Judgment has studied the queries some individuals brought before the Chief Mufti… concerning the topic of the construction of houses of worship for unbelievers in the Arabian Peninsula, such as the construction of churches for Christians and houses of worship for Jews and for other unbelievers and [the question of] the owners of companies or organizations allotting a fixed place for their unbelieving workers to perform the rites of unbelief.

"After considering the queries the Council answered as follows:

"All religions other than Islam are heresy and error. Any place designated for worship other than [that of] Islam is a place of heresy and error, for it is forbidden to worship Allah in any way other than the way that Allah has prescribed in Islam. The law of Islam (shari'a) is the final and definitive religious law. It applies to all men and jinns and abrogates all that came before it. This is a matter about which there is consensus.

"Those who claim that there is truth in what the Jews say, or in what the Christians say - whether he is one of them or not - is denying the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad's sunna and the consensus of the Muslim nation… Allah said: 'The only reason I sent you was to bring good tidings and warnings to all [Koran 34:28]'; 'Oh people, I am Allah's Messenger to you all [Koran 7:158]'; 'Allah's religion is Islam [3:19]'; 'Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him [3:85]'; 'The unbelievers from among the people of the Book [i.e. Jews and Christians] and the polytheists are in hellfire and will be [there] forever. They are the worst of all creation… [98:6].'

"Therefore, religion necessitates the prohibition of unbelief, and this requires the prohibition of worshiping Allah in any way other than that of the Islamic shari'a. Included in this is the prohibition against building houses of worship according to the abrogated religious laws, Jewish or Christian or anything else, since these houses of worship - whether they be churches or other houses of worship - are considered heretical houses of worship, because the worship that is practiced in them is in violation of the Islamic shari'a, which abrogates all religious law that came before it. Allah says about the unbelievers and their deeds: 'I will turn to every deed they have done and I will make them into dust in the wind [Koran 25:23].'

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Kenn Chaplin said...

Clearly one Christian fundamentalist's heathen or heretic is an Islamic fundamentalist's infidel...add in the most unshakable Zionist fundamentalist and we've got ourselves Jerusalem in snow and sand alike all over the world.

Just group hugs all over the place :)

Suzanne said...

Michael Coren converted to Catholicism. He's not an Evangelical.

Mike said...

He's still and idiot and Eugene is right.


Ah yes the Catholic Church home of tolerance and understanding, like the Inquisition and the persecution of indigenous peoples,witches, pagans, heretics, protest-ants, homosexuals, and all these pogroms always included the mandatory pogrom against the Jews.

I didn't say Coren was a evangelical I said he was born again, since he was originally Jewish.