Saturday, February 17, 2007

Top 47

A diverse field of Canada’s most well known and respected personalities from journalists to politicians offering their comments on the issues of the day, everyday.

This is a misleading article; first because there are only 47 folks listed.

Second because many of these folks don't "comment on the issues of the day, every day".

Third; because there is not a single labour activist amongst them. Nor anybody from the left. Notably missing are Judy Rebick , James Laxer and Jim Stanford.

Fourth; no environmentalists; Elizabeth May isn't even on the list nor David Suzuki. And no NDP bloggers.

Which is why they probably couldn't find fifty to fill the list.

It's a who's who of Macleans favorite Conservatives and Liberals. After all Maude Barlow is a Liberal.

And they have one token Dipper; Jamey Heath.

At least Kinsella ain't on the list. Boy he's going to be pissed.

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Scott Tribe

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