Saturday, February 17, 2007

Carnival of Anarchy February 07

Carnival of Anarchy

It's almost time for the next carnival, this one on the topic Anarchism in your area.

The carnival will be next weekend, from Friday 23rd through til Sunday 25th, so get cracking on your posts, and when the time comes throw them up here (and on your own blogs, if you wish).

A few questions to consider while posting:
  • How common are anarchist ideas in your area?
  • Are there many people who actively identify as some sort of anarchist?
  • Is there one stream of anarchism that is dominant (eg anarcho-syndicalism, ultra-leftism, anarcho-primitivism, insurrectionary anarchism etc)? If so, why?
  • What anarchist groups/organisations/institutions exist in your town, if any? Are they old or relatively new?
  • What is the makeup of anarchists in your area as compared to the general population (ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc)
  • Does your area have a history of lots of anarchist activity? If so, how does that affect modern anarchist activity and how it is percieved?
  • What do anarchists do in your area?
Feel free to be as broad or narrow a s you want - discuss your street, suburb, city or country, whatever takes your fancy.

If you want to post on this carnival but aren't currently a member, post your email in the comments and hopefully someone will add you.

In the meantime, use the comments on this thread to suggest and hopefully decide on a topic for the next carnival. For previously suggested topics, check out here and here.

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Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Carnival of Anarchy organizers hope for a great turnout for their pre-planned activities, eh?

eugene plawiuk said...

of course you are confusing anarchy with chaos very clever Mr. Shmart.