Monday, March 05, 2007

Poster Girl for Anorexia

Anne Coulter "I'm a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative" and the poster girl for Anorexia.

One can only pity those who suffer from such psychological disorders.

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Polly Jones said...

Can you elaborate your point because I am missing it?

eugene plawiuk said...

Certainly Polly, if you read the link below from my self appointed Conservative critic he comments;
"It's one thing to discuss what Ann Coulter said at the CPAC conference, but attacking her slim figure?" Slim figure? Slim? The woman is anorexic. And I noticed that Mr. Clear
Conservative Thought did not link to what Ann Coulter said;
"I was going to have a few comments about the other Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards. But it turns out that you have to go into rehab if you use the word 'faggot.'"

I think that the point is that there is certainly more physical evidence that Ann suffers from a psychological disorder than evidence that John Edwards is gay.

And since Anorexia is a serious disorder for many women, Ann should seek help, like rehab. Rather than flaunting it.

As for Mr. Clear Conservative Thinking he claims conservatives are upset about her recent outburst, well they are because it made the news while their pathetic gathering in Washington at CPAC only made the news because MaCain passed on attending. Until Ann opened her mouth and roared.

Ann has abused the 9/11 wives, abused Arabs and Sikh's by using the racist terms Rag-heads, all to the joy of the Conservative blogs and their ilk. Like my other Conservative critic here; Fenyman and Coulters Love Child.

They take joy in being mean spirited bigots. And too many on the left are too polite to call them on it. As T-Bone slim once said the politest form of response is attack. So I did.

Anonymous said...

Bravo - standing o' for continuing to make me look better and better. First, your assertion that I am somehow a mean spirited bigot is pathetic. And I would suggest avoiding those kinds of suggestions.

Secondly - to this
"John Edwards is gay." perhaps if you saw the speech and listened to her words you would understand that she did not mean suggesting he was gay... I think your understanding of this is rather skewed. Not that I'm surprised.

I've agreed that it was not a good thing to say - but your petty childish attack is pretty damn sad.

And I will continue criticizing your work as long as you insist on acting like an idiot. making a case is one thing, this post is something completely ridiculous.

And focus on obesity - it affects over 25% of the population, not anorexia which affects next to none. Talk to the fat girls, don't insult the skinny ones, as if talking to them like they are trash is going to help them gain weight.. good call.

eugene plawiuk said...

Jordan; I at least posted a link to what Coulter said and yes she called him a faggot. My understanding of that is skewed I think not.

Anorexia is a serious problem for women especially young women, and it is promoted by the modeling industry which is now attempting to address this matter.

As for being an offensive bigot, well Coulter said it, and if the shoe fits....

As for childish, as I said on your blog anyone whose blog is called
Biggi Erection, well nuff said.

Polly Jones said...

Calling Coulter the poster child of anorexics doesn't seem very fair to people with eating disorders. In my eyes, eating disorders are very much related to the scaling of women's bodies which serves as a mechanism of social control and a source of big profits. I also think many of these diagnoses are highly political.

le politico said...

I know someone who has suffered through anorexia...and for you to use this, or any other disease, as a prop to insult someone whose opinion you may not happen to like, well, it says a lot more about your character than it does hers.

Doesn't matter what she said.

eugene plawiuk said...

Coulters anorexia like her right wing politics is warped and wrapped up in the need to be the opposite of politically correct. Both are a psychological defects of her political persona and thus open to criticism.

le politico said...

wrapped up in the need to be the opposite of politically correct're saying she's like you then? Interesting.