Friday, March 30, 2007

Spot the Difference

Joseph Lavoie and Adrian MacNair have a joint blog project; Popular Doctrine is a project in political discourse; a place where a socialist and a conservative debate the day's issues in search of a healthy discussion.

The right side is generally represented by Joseph Lavoie, a 23-year old conservative activist and university student from Toronto.

The Left is generally represented by Adrian MacNair, a father of a 5 year old wonderkid from Vancouver, BC.

Except if you read this article you have to wonder which one is the socialist.

In fact Adrian's argument sounds strikingly like the Canadian Taxpayers Federations Revisionist History.


Mike said...

When he posted this at his own blog, I pointed out to him that he cribbed the almost the whole thing from Newsmax, of all places. And the author he cites has never been heard of since.

I'm not say Che was a saint, but this also isn't the first time Adrian has out Toried the Tory.

eugene plawiuk said...

Here is a similar attack on Che as Adrian made.
The Che Paradox from Capitalism magazine