Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cherniak Admits He Is Ukrainian

Special To Le Revue Gauche
By lirpa sloof

Rumor has it that Liberal Blog boss Jason Cherniak will be celebrating Ukrainian Easter this year.

It is alleged, by those in the know, that Cherniak is claiming Ukrainian Easter is a secular celebration not a religious one. One that celebrates the ethnic diaspora of Ukrainians in Canada.

Those in the know say Cherniak was seen making pysanka at his baba's house.

Those in the know claim that Ukrainian Easter is actually an ancient pagan celebration and the Pysanka, or Easter Egg is a pagan symbol of the ancient bird goddess of the Slavs as well as the rebirth of Spring from death of Winter.

It is also alleged by these same people that Cherniak was seen in his backyard whipping himself with pussy willows this Palm Sunday crying; "Dion, Dion, why hast thou forsaken me?"

Asked if he thought it was a contradiction to celebrate Passover and Ukrainian Easter, Cherniak was alleged to have replied;
Lev Davidovich Bronstein didn't think so.





April Fools

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Saskboy said...

Didn't have me fooled :-)

eugene plawiuk said...

Can't get anything past you.;)

Danick said...

Why this racism against Cherniak... I thought NDPers and leftists were above racism! Do you have something against Jews or Ukrainians! If you are such a racist go and join the LePen National Front... but wait he's French so you probably have something against the French also...

eugene plawiuk said...

Danick can't get anything past you...unless of course you missed that it is April Fools. And my being Ukrainian I guess you missed that too. I don't know how you could so badly misread a post.