Friday, April 27, 2007

Conservative Green Plan: People Pay Not Polluters

Not a polluter pay tax nor is it a carbon tax, rather the Conservative Government in Ottawa gives us a consumer pay tax.

Households, economy to take a hit under Tory green plan

Ouch. The Conservatives version of the NEP aimed at you and me. The Tories Hot Air plan is that you and I should pay for the environmental destruction caused by capitalism.

Canadians will pay more for many of life's necessities under a new environmental strategy that falls far short of the Kyoto accord but reduces greenhouse-gas emissions faster than the Conservative government's first climate-change plan.

It is estimated the new proposal will cost the Canadian economy $7-billion to $8-billion a year.

Environment Minister John Baird, who unveiled the strategy yesterday, reminded Canadians that there are costs associated with turning the corner on global warming.

"The prices for consumer products like vehicles, natural gas, electricity and household appliances could go up. But it's a small price to pay to ensure a lasting environmental legacy for future generations," Mr. Baird told a press conference.

While the major industrial emitters account for half of the country's output of greenhouse gas, they will be required to find just 40 per cent of the expected reductions.

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rabbit said...

The Tories Hot Air plan is that you and I should pay for the environmental destruction caused by capitalism.

The people are capitalism. You think the capitalist system is something "out there", divorced from the seething masses?

It would be nice if there was some separate entity called "capitalism" that we could charge for all of humanity's transgressions, without it hurting "the people".

But sadly, no. If we want to reduce greenhouse gasses, you and I are going to have to mothball our RAM pickup trucks and take mass transit, insulate our houses better, turn down the thermostat, reduce our air travel (good buy Mexican vacations), and pay more for energy and many other goods.

It's like the laws of thermodynamics. No matter how we twist and turn to delude mother nature into giving up more energy than was put in, we only end up deluding ourselves.

In the end it is society, not "capitalism", that must foot the bill. There is no free lunch, no matter how ornate our political and economic theories.

eugene plawiuk said...

Yes of course as the creators of capitalism we need to confront it. The problem is that capitalism says it is all powerful, beyond our control, not part of us, not our creation but rather a natural law, an organic phenomena, occurring despite us. And those that defend it, the free marketers, say anything we do to confront it limits its liberatory abilities.....