Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Green PEI

The Green Party in PEI ran for the first time in yesterday's provincial election. They took votes from the Conservatives, and ran ahead of the NDP. This bodes well for Elizabeth May's strategy of running in Nova Scotia against Peter MacKay.

This shows that the Greens are not so much a threat to the NDP, as they are to the Conservatives, taking from their 'progressive' base.

And it shows that provincially and federally we need proportional representation since together the NDP, Greens and two Independents got 6% of the popular vote.

Overall Election Results
PartyElectedLeadingTotalVote Share

P.E.I. tide paints province Liberal red

This bodes ill for the Harpocrites, since PEI voted solidly Liberal in the last federal election, and now the Provincial government is Red.

Look out for more Atlantic Discord!

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