Thursday, May 24, 2007

Proroguing Parliament

Greg Weston of the Sun is speculating about the Harpocrites proroguing parliament sometime in June.

The speculation around the capital is Harper and crew will pull the plug on the current session of Parliament before the middle of June, and return in October.

Sometime in that period the PM will announce that Parliament has been prorogued, an arcane way of saying Act I of "Harper and the Conservatives go to Ottawa" is formally over.

The Globe and Mail joined in the speculation "The rumours suggest the government will prorogue this session of Parliament in early June. The next session would not begin until after the Ontario election on Oct. 10."

But on Politics with Don Newman on CBC yesterday Jim Travers of the Toronto Star speculated that Harper may Prorogue Parliament as early as next week. In fact without calling parliament back the PM could do it.

And given the stalling tactics used last week over committees, the disaster which is the Afghan detainee issue, now swept away temporarily with the Harper trip to Kandahar, the failure of their Green Plan, proroguing parliament immediately after the break would be a way to start again.

Since they didn't call an election the Conservatives have nothing new to offer Canadians. They are now stale, and they can only stall.

To Prorogue or Not to Prorogue that is the question facing the dysfunctional Conservative government.

And Travers told Newman that it might happen Monday night when the PM has called a special meeting with the press corps on the hill.

Of course that is also the first night of the Stanley Cup between the Ottawa Senators and the Anaheim Ducks, and being a big hockey fan maybe the PM is inviting them to 24 Sussex drive to share beer and chips and watch the game.

But somehow I doubt it.

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