Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bush Beer

There was a very funny video, unintentionally funny, on BBC of G8 leaders relaxing, having a beer. At the table are Prodi, Merkel, Blair and George Bush.,,2007261667,00.jpg

Having not had a beer in a long time, and forgetting that real beer, that is any beer other than American brands, actually has head and foams, George pours himself a glass and it overflows all over the table and onto his lap much to his surprise.
The following day he absented himself in the AM with the traditional morning sickness of a heavy night of carousing.

President Bush having a drink

REFORMED boozer George W Bush knocks back a large glass of lager at the G8 summit - sparking fears that he has fallen off the wagon.

Now-teetotal Dubya, who admitted during his first presidential campaign that he used to drink far too much, downed the beer while taking a break with Tony Blair, German president Angela Merkel and the Italian prime minister Romano Prodi.

And he seemed to be getting quite jolly during their get together - throwing back his head and roaring with laughter during their chat.

President Bush is "unwell".

White House staff say they're not sure whether it's something he ate or a stomach virus.

As to suspicions that the was doing a "Boris Yeltsin" - US officials insist that was a non alcoholic beer he was seen drinking last night.

I wonder if he was drinking a Bush Beer?

bush.jpg (12415 bytes)Bush

Brewery: Dubuisson

Category: An amber beer/barley wine

Taste: perfume like flavour with a strong whisky like after glow..

Strength: 12.0%.

Serve: cooled

My first encounter with this beer was at the beautiful Ciro bar in the centre of Brussels, I was discussing the merits of Belgium beer with a local and explained how I disliked the strong tasting trappist beers. The local said he understood so he would order something special for me, along came a beer called Bush! Beware this little beer is a wolf in sheeps clothing, it may taste only mildly alcoholic but it packs the punch of a sledgehammer.

Of course being amongst his equals, it is easier to converse and imbibe in mutual conviviality than if one has to actually meet the common folks, the salt of the earth, the American voter.

Long-Awaited Beer With Bush Really Awkward, Voter Reports

Although respondents to a Pew poll taken prior to the 2004 presidential election characterized Bush as "the candidate they'd most like to sit down and have a beer with," Chris Reinard lived the hypothetical scenario Sunday afternoon, and characterized it as "really uncomfortable and awkward."

Long-Awaited Beer With Bush Really Awkward, Voter Reports

Chris Reinard and President Bush try to think of something to talk about.

Reinard, a father of four who supported Bush in the 2000 and 2004 elections, said sharing a beer with the president at the Switchyard Tap gave him "an uneasy feeling."

"I thought he'd be great," Reinard said. "But when I actually met him, I felt real put off."

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