Monday, June 11, 2007

Open, Transparent, Accountable, NOT

The paranoia of the PMO has backfired.

according to a Innovative Research Poll, 46 per cent of the 1,067 people polled said that the Conservative government is "more secretive" than previous governments, 34 per cent said the government is about the same, and 15 per cent said the Tories are "more open."

The latter are of course the Conservative base.

Perhaps we should start calling it the Paranoid Prime Ministers Office.

The Humpty Dumpty Harpocrites seem to have a problem with messaging. Unless it comes from the PMO we can assume anything a Government Minister says is subject to reversal.

So much for open, transparent, accountable government promised by the Conservatives in the last election. It was the first victim of their victory.

And regardless of their bills and legislative changes in this regard, they do not pass the smell test with average Canadians.
Which should give us all hope that we will suffer a short autarch reign of King Stephen.

All else that has followed, like no time lines for Harpers War, appointment to the Senate of a unelected Cabinet Minister, bribing a Liberal MP to cross the floor and giving him a Cabinet position, lying about taxing Income Trusts, breaking the Atlantic Accord, etc. etc.

Wait five minutes and there will another new revelation of Harpers Hidden Agenda.

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