Monday, June 18, 2007

Socialism Now!

This little online poll in the Globe and Mail has the Blogging Tories here and here all verklempt. And no wonder. It shows that a good idea is one whose time is yet to come. And as usual I will provide the following caveat; socialism is NOT state-capitalism.

Is socialism still a viable political alternative for the major industrial nations?


7451 votes (61%) 7451 votes


4789 votes (39%) 4789 votes

Total votes: 12240

Socialism, in short, would not come about because a handful of daydreamers had wished for it, or because pious moralists had urged it, but because the unavoidable breakdown of the capitalist system would force the turn to socialism upon those societies that, prior to this breakdown, had been organized along capitalist lines.

Thus, Kautsky says: "Socialism, that is, general welfare within modern civilization, becomes possible only through the great development of productive forces that capitalism brings, through the enormous riches that it creates and that are concentrated in the hands of the capitalist class. A state that has squandered these riches through a senseless policy, perhaps an unsuccessful war, offers from the outset no favorable point of departure for the quickest diffusion of welfare in all classes."

See: Radical Capitalists Not So Radical

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1 comment:

janfromthebruce said...

Eugene, I saw that poll very early this am, and of course gave a "thumbs up" to socialism. After work, I checked the poll and my little socialist heart sang. Lots of others gave it a thumbs up. Just slap me up side down the head.
I'm lovin it!