Thursday, July 05, 2007


A comment by an Ontario Green activist Mike Casselman on his blog, which leaves me incredulous.

Yes folks at 1:54AM on CFRA news my interview was aired. Of course the Liberal, NDP, and Green panelist misinterpreted what I had said with the question on the dollar and jobs, but I forgive them.

I had answered a question on factory workers and factories moving to Mexico and they all thought I said Canadian workers should be happy to work for minimum wage.

however what I said was

"If factory workers go on strike, jobs that would've been there in 20 years won't be because they'll be hiring Mexicans to do the work for a fraction of the cost."

Remove foot, place back in mouth.

Nope the panelists didn't get it wrong Mike you did say Canadian workers should be happy with their jobs. Worse you said that if they went on strike they should expect to be replaced by scabs. Which you imply you approve of.

Whether the scabs are Canadian or Mexican is irrelevant, your anti-worker, anti-union screed is fear mongering, nativist, jingoism.

The Greens will have this kind of Green Right Whingnut speak for them, while they give the muddy boot to this guy.

Of course it only proves this point;
“Greens, The True Conservatives”

Which I have said they were all along.

h/t to My Blahg

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