Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Big Tobacco

While I defend a persons choice to smoke, I recognize it is a health problem and an addiction, and that the corporate cartels behind it are of course making a killing off of killing.

But so are the corporations that make weapons and weapons systems.And funny thing like Big Tobacco they use bribery, illegal trading practices, smuggling etc.

"Diamond (reference services, Louisiana State U.) describes the world (literally) of US Big Tobacco and Nicotiana tobacum from 1990 to 2004 as it expanded into new world markets in Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia, often with the assistance of the US government, and kept the more mature US market puffing along. The topics for his annotated bibliography include economic aspects such as advertising and marketing (including philanthropy and sponsorship of arts and sporting events), distribution channels (including duty-free, illegal trade, and the market of prisons and jails), and political aspects (such as the various relationships of the industry with politicians, lobbyists, litigators and the State of California). Topics of the statistical tables include cash receipts, exports and advertising expenditures (page numbers would be recommended in this section) and other appendices include company profiles, court cases and tobacco websites."

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