Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The owner of the Utah coal mine where miners are trapped says it was caused by an earthquake, while the seismologists are not sure.
Murray also angrily rounded on reports on Monday that suggested the mine collapse had been mistakenly recorded as an earthquake.

"This was caused by an earthquake," he said. "It was a natural disaster, an earthquake, and I can prove it."

He said the US Geological Survey had recorded the 4.0 magnitude quake as striking at a depth far greater than the location of the mine.

It could be that rare even known in coal mining as the bump which occurred almost fifty years ago in Springhill, Nova Scotia.

The 1958 Bump which occurred on October 23, 1958 was the most severe "bump", or underground earthquake, in North American mining history and devastated the people of Springhill with the casualties it took, and devastated the town: the mines had been the town's economic lifeblood, and were never reopened following the disaster.

It is not exactly known what causes a "bump." However it is believed that it could be caused when coal is totally removed from a stratum and the resulting geological stresses upon surrounding bedrock (shale, sandstone, etc. in most coal-bearing strata) can cause the surrounding pillars of the galleries to suddenly and catastrophically disintegrate, causing the shaft to collapse.


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