Friday, August 03, 2007

Surge Blackout

With bad news like this;

An Iraqi power plant rebuilt with tens of millions of U.S. dollars fell into disrepair once transferred to the Baghdad government, according to the U.S. office that tracks reconstruction spending.

The Iraqis' failure to maintain the 320-megawatt Dora plant, considered an important source of power for electricity-starved Baghdad, is just one of the issues hindering attempts to rebuild the country, the latest audit report to Congress concludes.

The U.S. Government has decided to do this; US drops Baghdad electricity reports

While the Iraqi government points fingers elsewhere.Iraq Electricity Ministry blames provinces

This proves George Bush was right the U.S. is not capable of nation building. Or even maintaining infrastructure in Iraq or at home.

The Bush administration has shown little progress - and in some cases backtracked - on its pledge to do a better job in awarding contracts to small, Gulf Coast businesses for Hurricane Katrina work, a congressional analysis shows.

The review of federal contracts from five government agencies, conducted by the House Small Business Committee, is the latest to document missteps in the award of billions of dollars of lucrative government work since the 2005 storm.


What He Didn't Say

Iraq; The War For Oil

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