Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ukrainian Nationalism = Fascism

Scratch a Ukrainian nationalist and you will find an Anti-Semite disguised as an Anti-Bolshevik.

OTTAWA–B'nai Brith Canada is pressing for a judicial review of the federal government's decision not to revoke the citizenship of two accused war criminals, Wasyl Odynsky and Vladimir Katriuk.

Last May, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet decided not to revoke their citizenship, despite evidence they were complicit in Nazi war crimes, according to the organization.

"It is our position that Odynsky and Katriuk, who were found guilty of lying their way into Canada, must be stripped of their citizenship and deported," David Matas, a counsel to B'nai Brith Canada, said yesterday in a statement.

Matas told the Star "a whole raft of submissions" from B'nai Brith never made it to cabinet, yet "voluminous" submissions from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress supporting the two men did.

"Documents in our possession show the ministers ... were fed selective testimony weighting the decision in one direction, while failing to be presented with or consider submissions from the Jewish victims of Nazi genocide or their representatives," Matas said in the statement.


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