Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blogs Left and Right Unite

Over Burma and the Saffron Revolution.

On those rare occasions something happens in the world of realpolitik that despite our differences the left and right in the Canadian political blogosphere unite over. In this case it's the peaceful protests in Burma and the Junta's over the top might is right response.

Our shared belief in the 'liberal' values of freedom, liberty,democracy, and human rights are affronted by the actions of these tin pot tyrants and call for our protests in solidarity.

Blogging Tories Comment:

The Monks' revolution
2007-09-26 06:52:52

Burma death toll may be ‘far greater’ than reported:

Dr Roy's Thoughts: Free Burma!!!!!


Silent About Burma

The military dictatorship in Burma must be overthrown...a comment from Vaclav Havel, former President of the Czech Republic.

Progressive Bloggers Comment.



'Support The Monks' Protest in Burma' - Facebook Group Growing Massively

Soldiers fire into crowds of protesters in Burma - Now is the time for Canada to stand up and support the protestors!

Canadian Demonstrators Protest Violence Against Monks and Civilians In Burma

Unfortunately there is a dirth of comment from the right on Burma.

Guess they had a busy week interpreting Harpers public political pontifications in the Big Apple, and reading the entrails from a week of bleeding internal Liberal Party Ides of August, etu brute and dealing with Afghanistan President Karzai's new pals; The Taliban.

Progressive Bloggers have way more comments, two pages worth. Way more than from the right who claim to be the patrons of freedom and liberty.


Blogging Burma

Myanmar Ghost Dance

No Reincarnation Without Permission

The Road Out of Mandalay

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