Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reservists Speak Out On Job Protection

Comments from the Job Protection for Canadian Reservists Petition.

Andrew Siwy
Lost my job after a tour in Kandahar, Afghanistan

sarah cram
as a serving member i think it's about time. i've lost two jobs because of operations i've attended.

Jadzia Karas
I came back from tour to unemplyment although I didn't have a hard time finding a job it was yet another struggle to go through

Shawn Sheehan (PTE Sheehan)
I am affraid to do what I want to do - serve oversea's, for fear of losing my career that I've work so hard to obtain

Andreea Savan
definately agree, i lost my job after just needing 2 weeks off, for my QL5

Mary Musson
I am a Reservist with over 13 years of service and I also work fulltime in the social services. The major barrier I have to serving overseas is the lack of job protection and guarantee that after my workup training and overseas tour, I will have a job to return to. I joined the Reserves because I love my country (not for the paycheque). My mortgage is paid by my civilian job. I need to have a job to return to or I cannot commit to serving overseas.

Alex Vorobej
This is something that is long overdue! I have been willing to deploy in the past, but my employer would not allow a leave of absence. This has to stop! I have knowledge of some employers who terminate staff who ask to be deployed, or even participate in summer training programs.

Pte. Climie KR
Regimental Motto: "Non Nobis Sed Patriae" -(Not for ourselves but for our Country) - That explains why job protection should be a must

Terri-Leigh Saunders
As a Reservist myself, I am fortunate enough to have an employer who supports my efforts every time I leave on a Class B contract (3 so far) I can only wish the same for others!

Howard Torney Murray, C.D,
As a retired reservist... and business owner... I support this fully.
278 signatures in three weeks.

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