Saturday, September 15, 2007


Are ghosts real? Well according to an Australian insurance company since they can't prove they aren't real they must be....

A MAN was driving home at night and had to cross a bridge, which locals swore was haunted. On his insurance claim the man said that halfway across the bridge he saw the ghost walking across the road.

He said he instinctively swerved, and ran his car off the road, writing it off. While the circumstances of the claim were bizarre, it was paid on the basis that the insurance company could not prove that ghosts do not exist.

Damn agnostic of them.

Of course insurance companies often deal with very real ghosts too. Like ghost ships. And ships some folks wished were ghosts.

Inquiry set for ghost ships plans

The scrapping of so-called "ghost ships" on Teesside is likely to move a step closer when a public inquiry is held into the controversial plans.

In 2003 Able UK Limited won a contract to dismantle, for the recovery of scrap metal, 13 former US Naval Reserve ships. The ships were to be dismantled in a 26 acre dry dock facility on the Tees Estuary.

The ships are owned by US Maritime Administration (MARAD) and had become known in the US as "ghost ships" since they were anchored for years in the James River, Virginia, without anyone on board. The name became a major factor in generating media interest.


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