Thursday, September 13, 2007

John Harper Stephen Howard

It appears that like that Bugs Bunny cartoon where the mind of the mad scientist is transfered to a chicken using a mind transference device a similar transference occurred in Australia during Harpers APEC visit with John Howard.

Harper appears to have adopted Howard's policy of just saying No to aboriginal rights.

“the government of Canada has profound reservations about elements of the draft. And our government's position is we shouldn't vote for things on the basis of political correctness, we should actually vote on the basis of what's in the document and whether or not the government of Canada can and will implement the content,” Mr. Harper told reporters.

"While a leader from the American continent addressing both Houses of Parliament would be a fitting tribute to the 9/11 anniversary, the Australian Parliament should hang its head in shame during the presence of Stephen Harper, who, shortly after Mr Howard' visit to Canada declared that his government, regardless of Canada's previous 23-year commitment to the UN Treaty for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, had abandoned its support for this international covenant," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

Canada votes against UN aboriginal declaration

The non-binding declaration was easily approved, passing 143 to four. Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States voted against and eleven countries abstained.

Despite that the declaration passed and Harpers government will now be held to its standards like it or not, regardless of the fact it is an aspirational document not a legally binding one.
UN General Assembly backs indigenous peoples' rights

Wait a minute if it is aspirational then why did the Conservatives oppose it while promoting the exact same aspirational targets over the environment.

But once again the real reason for rejecting the UN Declaration is the Harper governments aboriginal policy is one of assimilation to liberal capitalism as advocated by the Gray Eminence; Tom Flanagan.

“The [Stephen] Harper government has eroded the relationship between First Nations and the federal government. This government is opposed to doing anything associated with collective rights and has favored individual rights. There has been no consultation with Canada’s Aboriginal community,” he said.

One of the reasons the Harpocrites gave for not supporting the UN declaration was that it might result in court challenges. Wait a minute we don't have that program in Canada anymore, it was one of the Liberal programs the Harpocrites purged immediately after the election.

Like so many of the Harper decisions this another one that is based on creating not just a New Government of Canada but of wiping out any previous Liberal policies and decisions that were not binding.

The previous Liberal government gave full support to the process, but the government of Stephen Harper reversed that policy and voted against the draft declaration at the UN Human Rights Council last year.
They don't just aspire to be just the New Government of Canada, despite just being another Minority government something they forget, but to create a New Canadian image internationally. One that is not about promoting broad human rights but promoting human rights that fit their neo-con agenda.

In fact, documents released to Amnesty International under the Access to Information Act show that the government fought the declaration despite advice from its own officials in Foreign Affairs, Indian Affairs and National Defence, all of them urging its support.

It voted against the declaration – with Russia – at the UN Human Rights Council on June 29, 2006. It is now lobbying other countries to join its call for a re-negotiation of all the substantive provisions of the document. So far, it has found six allies. Several African countries are wavering.

Expect that the result of this will strengthen the Harpocrites lobbying to remove Canada from the UN Human Rights Council because of its perceived political nature.

Citing its inability to prevent despots from signing up, the United States opted out in 2006. Canada, however, is a member until 2009.

Led by Mr. Doru Costea of Romania, the council's revolving membership is under the umbrella of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, who in this case is Louise Arbour, a former Canadian supreme court justice and a world-renowned human-rights advocate.

Canada has not committed to the upcoming conference, whose venue has not been decided yet. "We're still evaluating results of the meetings to see if they will replicate deficiencies of the 2001 conference," foreign affairs spokeswoman Catherine Gagnaire said.

In fact if Harper had been in power when the 'aspirational' Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created by a Canadian , in 1948 it would never have been and in the process neither would have the UN. After all back then the UN was an 'aspirational' post war ideal.

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Jack said...

The previous Liberal regime MAY have verbally "supported" the process, but , in many continuous years of governing, DID absolutely NOTHING for natives. The Liberals were very good at fattening the government departments, swelling the ranks of "administration", wasting billions of dollars and reducing the effectiveness of native programs. All the Libs have ever done is TALK about "doing".
Maybe, it IS time for native people in Canada to break out of the trap that the "res" has become.

eugene plawiuk said...

The trap is older than the Liberals, and you are correct they are hypocrites as I have written about before. However the Dept. of Indian affairs is a colonial office inherited by the first Canadian government which was Conservative.