Wednesday, October 03, 2007

O'Connor Out With The Trash

Iconic metaphor? The going away party thrown by the Military for former Defense Minister O'Connor, held in the back of Ottawa's Cartier Square Drill Hall where the garbage bins are.

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Note the garbage can to the left. More visuals are here;

Mike Duffy Live: Military analyst Col. (ret'd) Michel Drapeau discusses Gordon O'Connor's military send off 5:31

Leading CTV to speculate;

Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Rick Hillier is expected to be replaced as top military commander when his three-year term expires in February, Conservative insiders have told CTV.

The PMO does not have leaks except controlled ones. This could be seen as the PMO engaging in the politics of the 'stab in the back'.

The Harpocrites will pretend they were they ticked at their pal for hanging the old man out to dry.

They blame Hillier for embarrassing the former defence minister over his department's failure to reimburse soldiers' families for the full cost of their loved ones' funeral.

In reality it shows that the Harpocrites have boxed themselves in with Hillier's War and the only way to extradite Harper from the war is to fire err retire the warmonger general. Making him the scapegoat for the Kandahar operation.

All their pleas to the UN and NATO have fallen on deaf ears. They know they cannot win an extension for Harpers War from Parliament. And they know it is hurting them in the polls, especially in Quebec.

Besides there is only room for one Autocrat to be in charge, and so Hillier has to go.

H/T to Peter's Politics.


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Heil Hillier, Maintiens le droit

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