Sunday, November 04, 2007

More Conservative Media Backlash

Over the Harpocrites reversal on capital punishment of Canadians abroad. This time from the National Post in an editorial. There can be no joy in Harperville this weekend over the continuing criticism from its normally sycophantic media allies. And the fact they keep reminding us of the Harpocrites Hidden Agenda.

Yes, the United States is "a democratic country that supports the rule of law," but it is also one that has come to a different conclusion on the fundamental moral question of whether it is ever permissible for the state to take a human life in the service of criminal justice.

With his announcement, Mr. Day is either (1) falsely suggesting that this difference in outlook isn't worth making a diplomatic fuss about, even though a man's life is at stake; or (2) indicating that this government truly does support capital punishment, notwithstanding the three-decade old ban on the practice that's been in place in our own country (not to mention a 2001 Supreme Court of Canada decision that effectively declared the practice unconstitutional).

Both of these implications reflect poorly on the government. If Stephen Harper's party seeks to overturn our nation's stance on such an important issue, the proper place to do so is Parliament -- not a communique involving a single Canadian monster awaiting a cocktail of pancuronium bromide and potassium chloride.

H/T to more notes from the underground.


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