Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bernard Lord And Two Solitudes

Bernard Lord has been appointed language Czar for the Harpocrites. What is this all about you ask? Is Canada facing a language crisis? Not really but the Conservatives are. You see they don't believe in Bilingualism and Bi-Culturalism that is after all Trudeau Liberalism. So they are going to rewrite Canada's languages policies. Not based on two founding peoples but rather on recognition of Minority Rights. Which is not what Bilingualism is about. It recognizes two 'official' languages in Canada. Neither of which is a Minority language. Minority languages are those that are not French of English.

"His findings will help the government ... provide language programs and services that serve the unique needs of minority communities," Harper said
Of course in English Canada French is a minority language as English is in Quebec. However the only reason English is a minority language in Quebec it due to its provincial language laws. So what does this all mean? Well the Tories will respect French in Quebec and English in the rest of Canada. Meaning they will try and change the nature of the Official languages act to end Federal Bilingualism. That has always been a bug a boo in the bonnet of their right wing base.

Another one of their hidden agenda's coming to light.


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Phil BC said...

Hidden agendas - that's what Tories the world over seem to be about. Thing is, they're not terribly good at hiding the real thrust of their policy positions.

eugene plawiuk said...

Hey thanks for the comment and you have a very interesting blog, folks reading my blog should check it out. Just click on Phil's blog profile.