Friday, January 04, 2008

Fire The Bums

These guys are all Tories appointed by the Tory government. They are the folks who told us to tighten our belts, who closed beds and laid off staff while giving themselves golden parachutes and corporate salaries that would be the envy of those in the private sector. And they still ran up a deficit. Because they cut staff and forced existing staff to work overtime. Fire the bums. And lets demand the right to elect health boards, something the Klein government took away. Once again we suffer a democratic deficit in the One Party State.

Calgary Health Region revealed Thursday that its 2007-08 deficit may balloon to $85 million and Jack Davis will hand over the reins as president in part of a senior executive shuffle.

Davis will retain his duties as chief executive officer in the reorganization that takes effect next week.

The CHR's executive team is being pared from about 18 positions to 11 in an attempt to reduce bureaucracy and allow for quicker decision-making.

But the organizational changes are not expected to produce major cost savings at the cash-strapped CHR, leading the Alberta Liberals to call on the government to assess how the province's health authorities are spending their money.

The financial troubles at CHR -- a $2.8 billion organization that runs Calgary's medical system -- are largely related to massive staff overtime costs, worth about $63 million.

The reorganization -- which includes sweeping changes to the way CHR is structured -- isn't likely to significantly cut costs from the region's $91 million administrative budget, in part because only two executive team members have left the organization. Others who aren't part of the new executive team have been reassigned to other areas.


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