Monday, November 28, 2005

Harpers Gaffe

"I know being the opposition is a hard and dirty job but you were up for it" Stephen Harper speaking tonight to his MP's in response to the defeat of the government.

Opps the Harper is implying that they got down and dirty to defeat the government like playing tricks with tapes like Gerwal did, or calling the Liberals 'mafia' err 'organized crime'. I think he meant to say its a hard and thankless job. Ah well the truth is out, the mudslinging and playing dirty was their strategy all along. Ooo like we didn't know that.

He frowned and looked waaaay to serious as he approached the podium, and when he wasn't forcing his cold fish smile he was looking away distracted. Never have I seen a politician frown while he smiles. How does he do that?

The Conservative messaging Vote Us to Build a Better Future and a Better Canada.

Martin on the other hand was bouyant and ready for the pugilistic battle coming on. The Liberals message is Keep the Good Times Rolling.

Both spoke from their caucus rooms. The difference was the Conservatives showed the diversity of their party with younger members, ethnic diversity and women. The old white guys that dominate the party were in the back of the room.

And as I said here before Laytons message was Canada can do better with more New Democrats.

Ok folks we are off and racing, place your wagers now.

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