Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pardon Me While I Laugh

Liberals are about accountability, PM says
Ha ha ho ho hee hee, oh puuuuulllleeaasssee (he said in his best Roger Rabbit imitation) stop you're killing me.....lets take a look at the Liberals accountability as the NDP points out...........

Enough is enough:
Top 6 Examples that Liberal Words Don't Match Deeds
1. HEALTH CARE: For 12 years, Liberals have said they will
protect public health care yet have overseen the fastest
expansion of American-style, private, for-profit health care.
Private clinics, private surgeries, private diagnostics... and
$41 billion thrown around without a single new condition to
prevent privatization from growing.

2. JOBS: For 12 years, Liberals have said they'll stand up for
workers. They've gutted Employment Insurance and today
two-in-three unemployed Canadians don't qualify. They let George
Bush attack our forestry workers and don't fight back. They're 12
years late on an auto strategy and have no idea how to build the
green cars Canada wants right here in Canada. 140,000
manufacturing jobs gone, our forestry industry is in crisis, auto
plants closing and pensions are unprotected.

3. ENVIRONMENT: For 12 years, Liberals have promised to cut
pollution. They promised a 20% cut to pollution in 1993. It's now
up by 24%, and rising faster than even the United States. They
oppose mandatory fuel efficiency and oppose rules to make
polluters pollute less. They give billions of dollars to the oil
and coal industry and smog season in Canada now runs from
February to October.

4. FOREIGN AFFAIRS: For 12 years, Liberals have promised to play
a role in the world that makes us proud. They've cut foreign aid
and broken our promise to the world. They've ignored Stephen
Lewis' plea and not one low-cost AIDS pill has gone to Africa.
They've let the country that invented peacekeeping slip to 33rd
in the world. And Paul Martin only said no to George Bush on
missile defence because he didn't have an unaccountable

5. UNITY: For 12 years, Liberals have said they'll strengthen
Canada - yet support for separation is at an all-time high. The
Liberal Party's criminal activity in Quebec has insulted
Quebecers, insulted Canadians outside Quebec and is the best
recruiting tool for the Bloc Quebecois.

6. ETHICS: For 12 years, Liberals have said they'll clean up
politics - yet cronyism continues. Corporate lobbyists run the
show and don't play by the rules. Justice Gomery found the
Liberal Party guilty of an organized kickback scheme - and the
Liberal Party ignores Parliamentary votes routinely and has
broken its word on democratic reform.

Enough is enough.


James Bowie said...

Name one Prime Minister who has introduced more transparency into his own party and his own government than Martin.

Martin is brutally honest. He's gone after crooks in his own party. He's introduced the Controller General. He made the LPC pay mode to the GoC over Sponsorship.

If you think Martin isn't accountable for everything that's gone wrong, you're wrong. Nobody thinks Martin is corrupt. People talk about the "Liberal Party," but they never talk about Martin. Martin is accountable to you and me.

He's gone after the bad guys in an unprecedented way

eugene plawiuk said...

You mean the Chretienite bad guys don't you yet he defended Dingwall and he has lobbyists working in the PMO as well as running for Ottawa Centre, and gosh running their Ontario Campiagn. Yep same old same old....