Wednesday, December 28, 2005

After Klander

In the aftermath of le affair Klander Paul Wells made this very funny comment:

"What can you say to stop people from extended reverie about how cowboy hats make people look gay? I mean, I'm not sure what warning would have forstalled that.''

Meanwhile the fallout from Klander has also hit the blogoshpere in general, inditing both Liberal and Conservative blogs for their intolerance and general nastiness. And the target of these attacks, are more often than not the NDP. Unfortunately giving them advertising like this just drives up their visitor numbers and puffs up their egos.

Blogging could come back to haunt some bloggers

Another blogger who describes himself as a supporter of Liberal candidate Deborah Coyne, describes her opponent, NDP Leader Jack Layton, as a "carpetbagger" that he doesn't like.
"I don't like Jack Layton, let's get that out of the way," Tyler King wrote at
"I'll be spending as much of my holidays as possible on Deborah Coyne's campaign to unseat Jack."
A posting titled "Bye! Bye! Tommy 'Commie' Douglas!" at isn't much nicer.
"Tommy Douglas was an idealist, but not a realist. This scumbag really believed that eliminating choice and taxing the crap out of the public was the best way of 'caring' for people. Douglas is a piece of crap.
Toss his 'legacy' in the garbage next to the graves of all those who died waiting/mistreated by this failed public health care system," Loonie wrote.
But the raving opinions, off-colour insults and offensive language seen in many election blogs are prime examples of what could one day come back to haunt the bloggers, many of them wannabe politicians

And even Shelia Copps got into le affair Klander, she knew the guy since he was a young wannabe politician. Her comment reflects the problem with many Liberal blogs, and of course the same can be said for Blogging Torys.

His blog struck me as stunning in its ignorance. No depth there, simply hate. Martin good, everyone else bad.


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