Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Martial Law

Well it's not only the Harper that wants to bring in troops into Canadian cities, now its his fundamentalist backers that want to do the same thing, in T.O. This same dingbat called for the return of the War Measures Act last time there was a shooting in T.O. now he wants full blown Martial Law, to protect the (white) middle class from them (coloured) folks in the high rise crime zones.

And why is he a dingbat, cause the killers are members of his Christian congregation, so how come he ain't instilled in them the respect for the 10 comandments and moral values that he espouses. Yep he would rather blame society than his own failure to enforce the morality of his religious teachings. Gee Pastor, whats so hard to understand about Thou Shalt Not Kill.

A Toronto-area pastor says enough is enough and yesterday stepped up callsfor up to 8,000 soldiers to be deployed in Toronto to help root out gunmen
plaguing the city."We have had this scenario of killings all summer,"
said Pastor Allan Bowen, of the Abundant Life Assembly in suburban
Etobicoke. "TheBoxing Day shootings have all the earmarks of those in
the troubled areas." Bowen has attended or officiated over the funerals
of at least 10 men, somewhom were suspected gang members, murdered last
summer in the Jane-Finch area. "They (city leaders) have to call in the
army," he said yesterday. "There isno end in sight for the killings."

Instead of "turn the other cheek," this is what he wants.

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