Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Harper is Bush Lite

Well golly gee wilikers, after wanting to expand our military into the North now the Harper wants the Military on every street corner in Canada. Yep the Party of Law and Order is begining to sound a bit fascist, sorta like George Dubya Bush, who wants civil emergencies in the U.S. handled by the military. Can you say Martial Law?

Cities should have regular army presence: Harper
"A large number of our cities have no military presence," he said after announcing plans to beef up the military's capabilities in the West.



Dylan said...

Fuck health care, we need soldiers in Saskatoon!

Harper is a dolt.

eugene plawiuk said...

If you read todays papers you will see that along with Harper my favorite Christian Fundy in T.O. is calling for military occupation of the city. See my blog article Dec. 28 above

Dave DeLoye said...

Interesting that one who so strongly believes in the principles of Communism would take issue to use of the Canadian Forces on "every street corner", (which is not what the Conservative plan is calling for, by the way)


It seems that a plan like that may have averted issues like Tiananmen Square, Vilnius, and other not-so-proud moments in Communist use of military force on civilians.

There is no doubt that communism is a wonderful system - on paper... Even Marx said somthing to that effect himself, did he not?

eugene plawiuk said...

Again typical of the right you are deliberately confusing authoritarian regimes, statist regimes, with communism. The jack boot you hear marching is that of the patriot regardless of the regime in power. Those that use the police and army to supress freedom, and to enforce politics are tyrants regardless of their ideology, or purported ideology.
Let us not forget that 20th century conservatives embraced Hitler as an alternative to Stalin.

Dave DeLoye said...

So,are you simply suggesting that, as the old saying goes: "absolute power corrupts absolutely"?

If so, I tend to agree - less government is better (conditionally)(Go ahead...ask me what conditions...heh heh)

Hate the politician, not the soldier? For the "Jackboot" knows only how to follow orders...

What politics or purported politics were involved in sending, for example, the largest mobilization of Canadian Soldiers since the Korean War, to assist in the Ice Storms in Southeastern Ontario and Quebec in 1998?

Red River Floods?

Oh, and PLEASE enlighten me on your purported political definition of Communism...please. and Liberterian... and the term "communist China"... Misnomers? Paradox in the extreme?

An example of non authoritarian / statist YET communist might help "set me straight"
Hopefully, once I've been told, I won't steer too far left.

And well, I for one also know what happened to Hitler AND Stalin in the end...

Please refrain from referring to me as typical right - my specialist says I'm anything BUT typical :P


eugene plawiuk said...

Communism if you tread the Manifesto is anarchy, a society of 'freely associated producers'. Let us not forget that before the Ice Storms the largest peace time mobilization of the Canadian Armed Forces was during the FLQ crisis.
Communist China, sure what about the Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea or perhaps the German Democratic Republic, they had/have democracy in their names so I guess that they are/were democracies.
Anti Authoritarian or Non Statist Communism or Socialism could be described as early protestantism, the Waldensians, and Brethern of the Free Spirit, or later the Diggers. As well see my articles: State Less Socialism and For A Ruthless Criticism of Everything...and A New American Revolution for more on my definition of Libertarian Communism.