Sunday, December 25, 2005

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Well here is another nail in the coffin of the 'Junk Science' deniers of Global Warmning. It comes from that well known group of hysterical outspoken envrionmentalists known as NASA. It was reported in the Independent last week but got little notice in the media.

World is at its hottest since prehistory, say scientists

The world is now hotter than at any stage since prehistoric times, a top climatologist announced last week. His startling conclusion comes as Nasa reported that 2005 has been the hottest year ever recorded.

In Canada the Climate Change Conference was wrapping up. Paul Martin was in the news for wagging his finger at the U.S. over Kyoto, while doing nothing about his governments record of failure to follow up on its Kyoto commitments.

And those Climate Change deniers who claim that the 'Record' violent Hurricane season and the wicked Monsoons we experienced this year were not due to Global Warming, well once again these science fakirs and apologists for 'big business' are exposed by the authentic empirical science of NASA.
The worst weather ever? At $200bn, it's certainly the costliest

Asked if he thought it was appropriate for a major American oil company to be funding a lobbyist targeting European companies, [ExxonMobil-funded lobbyist Chris Horner] replied: 'Everybody else does.' How America Plotted to Stop Kyoto Deal

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