Saturday, December 24, 2005

CTV Liberal Bias

Various Blogging Torys have discovered that CTV political reporters seem to have a Liberal bias. Or a bias in favour of the Liberals. No more so than Mike Duffy.

Conservative Life hits it on the head when he writes about the conflict of interest in the managment of CTV/Global Media and the fact that
Charles Bird is the Ontario Liberal campaign manager and vice-president at Bell Globemedia (parent company of CTV and The Globe and Mail).

This is a conflict of interest but in Canada this is business as usual between the media and political parties. It is no different than Lord Blacks backing of the Reform/Alliance through his creature the National Post.

Or the Asper families editorial interference in the papers by providing editorial content they had to run. Their direct interefence in stories about the middle east, defending Israel and labeling and opposition to Israeli as 'terorist'. And the Aspers also were long time funders and supporters of the Liberals.

While the Blogging Torys cry about CTV or the Globe and Mail bias in favour of the Liberals, their party is not on the recieving end of this bias as much as the Bloc is.

COUNTDOWN: With Mike Duffy

Duffy on his Mike Duffy Live and Countdown, literally oozes and gushes when he reports on the Liberals in Quebec taking on the Bloc. And it is not often he has any BQ spokespeople on his program. Whenever he has a federalist on whether a Conservative or Liberal he fawns over them if they take on the nasty seperatistes of the Bloc. It's the closest he gets to editorializing.

Mind you the NDP also get short shrift on Duffy's programs, for instance on his afternoon show, which runs opposite Don Newmans Politics on CBC Newsworld,
he has a segment called He Said She Said between Conservative and Liberal strategists. No NDP no BQ. What are only two parties running in this election.
One would think so watching Duffy's shows.

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The same bias cannot be said of CTV's Question Period, where they have all four parties represented.
Though apparently some is detected by Conservative Life and his readers, which is simply nit picking on their part much as they did recently over a change in a newstory on the CTV web site. Its called editing, but they saw in it a more nefarious conspiracy. Though again the Pro Federalist bias is still there.

Marc Garneau hopes to keep Canada together Liberal candidate Marc Garneau has represented Canada in space, but now he wants to represent a riding in Quebec to keep his country together.

Don Newman
On Don Newmans Politics, the supposedly 'liberal' (though not Liberal) media,CBC, all four party's are represented in debates between Party strategists or Media spokespeople.

Such was not the case last election in 2004. The bias was claring in the abscence of any Bloc prescence on either Politics or QP. I think in no small way my emailing and writing about this helped push Politics at least to finally invite the Bloc spokespeople on more often.

I mean here you have a party that was the Official Opposition, has the majority of seats in Quebec, and is the third party in the house and they get no recognition or very little on English Canadian media. As Monte Solberg would say, that's alien-nation.

So to the Blogging Tory's welcome to the wonderful world of corporate capitalism, where convergance means interlocking boards of directors, and interconnected management between corporate media and political parties. Where those in power in the corporate sector and the media sector want to be on the inside of political power. And for the last twelve years the Natural Ruling Party has been the Liberals. So you are surprised that the movers and shakers at CTV/ Bell Globemedia are Liberals?

Well let me tell you about a mover and shaker here in Alberta that works for the Conservatives, fundraises, and while not a media mogul has the ear of Ralph. Does Rod Love sound familiar? And he recently was a consultant to the Gomery Comission on democratic reform (sic) something he and his boss would never ever consider for Alberta.

So quit whining. If the Conservatives are ever elected as the Government the same thing will occur in the corridors of power and the media. And the BQ and NDP will still not be on He Said She Said.

The only Free Press belongs to those that own one.

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