Saturday, December 10, 2005

Political Prisoners USA

Dec. 10 is the International Day for Human Rights a celebration of the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights. In the United States one of the fundamental freedoms denied its citizens is the right not to be murdered by the State. Like they did to Joe Hill.

The Death Penalty continues to exist and be used against Political Prisoners. I am speaking here in particular of Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal.
By DAVE LINDORFF; December 7, 2005 - Counterpunch

The recent high profile case of Tookie Williams and his pending execution in California has once again raised the question of the State Terror and the oppression of peoples of colour and their struggles against the Empire of Capitalism.

On this day we should not forget them. As the old Wobbly slogan goes; We are in here for you. You are out there for us.

“This has been one of the hardest years of my imprisonment, it might not
be the most brutal physical hardship that I have had to endure, but at
my age and with my poor health it was extremely difficult. The almost
two months “in transit” from Leavenworth to Lewisburg were sheer
torture, and I am alive today only because of those of you who supported
me and moved heaven and earth to get me out of solitary confinement.
During the time of my transfer odyssey Calvin Jumping Bull passed on and
immediately after that my brother Steve Robideau went. One of the
heaviest burdens to bear is that so many of my friends and family have
passed on to the spirit world without me being able to say goodbye, or
see them for the last time. Now I am told that at this point one of my
elders, Russell Loud Hawk, has survived a most critical surgery after an
automobile accident and his chances were very slim. His strength and the
strength of all my people, who live in the starkest conditions, in this
country that consumes twenty five percent of the world’s resources, and
overcome unimaginable challenges every day living under siege, gives me
the encouragement that I need to still walk tall behind these oppressive
walls. My body, my spirit, and my heart keep getting pounded but I am
not giving up. I will never give up and those of you who accompany me in
this hard struggle mean the world to me, I could not walk this
treacherous road alone.

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Blicky Bloc said...

There is a better than average chance that these guys need to be in prison as much as OJ and Micheal Jackson. If you have killed someone then bad things will probably happen. I do not feel that thier imprisonment is wrong they all made choices that led them to thier prison cell. Anyone "helping" them is just fooled or part of the sad story and false hopes. Trying to make these old farts into heros is just like rocking in a rocking chair or banging on missle silos. It just makes more work for government employees and more money for lawyers.