Monday, December 19, 2005

Scott all is forgiven

Well here's a quote from WonderWoman over at Canaukistan Chronicles literally oozing with vile contempt for humanity with several good ol' stereotypes thrown in courtesy of watching too much Law and Order. Instead of Beer and Popcorn we get Crack and Day-Care. Go figure.

This certainly shows that its not just Scott Reid who can stick his foot in the prairie cow pie. Mind you WW doesn't work for the Conservatives, she is just a cheerleader from the sidelines.

They call us moonbats, well that is the kettle calling the pot black since clearly WW and CC are the lunatic fringe, period.


Clarifying the debate

Layton and the real socialists don't have anything new, either. With them, the menu offers nothing but tax and spend, with a fresh helping of national guilt for anyone who balks at allowing crack-head welfare moms to shoot-up in the safety of a taxpayer-funded safe-injection site - and probably a taxpayer-funded universal daycare slot to stash the kiddies in, while mommy visits the dealer.

Why do I read this shite anyways? Just curious as to how low certain so called human life forms can stoop, I guess. And we all know what happened to dat cat.
He got pissed off...which keeps these nutbars happy.....
Remember kids, if the MoonBats aren't pissed, you aren't doing it right!


gowlin said...

why do you read it?

same reason people can't help but look at car wrecks. I don't know why I read that crap either.

Wonder Woman said...

I never watch Law and Order. In fact, I rarely watch TV at all. I prefer to spend my time educating myself when I'm not caring for my 3 children, and volunteering for various charities. But I guess that's where some of us walk the walk, and others just talk the crap.
Thanks for the plug. A back-handed insult from an ignorant quasi-intellectual such as yourself, is the best compliment I've had in a long time.

eugene plawiuk said...

WW thats rich coming from someone who shows what ignorance can be spewed out with a little public education and a computer, and too much time on her hands.

Richard said...

Wow, if you're pissed, we must be doing it right!

Question: When you go dancing, who leads? The Libertarian or the Communist?

eugene plawiuk said...

We keep having this conversation:
Where am I?
In The Village.
What do you want?
Whose side are you on?
That would be telling.
We want information. Information. Information.
You won't get it.
By hook or by crook, we will.
Who are you?
The new Number 2.
Who is Number 1?
You are Number 6.
I am not a number — I am a free man!