Monday, December 05, 2005

Workers Control vs Corporate Welfare

The headline reads;
PM vows he'll examine help for laid-off workers
Country lacks industry strategy, Conservative says
CORNWALL, Ont.—Prime Minister Paul Martin, who has been trumpeting Canada's economic good times, got an earful here from union representatives about the 900 jobs that have disappeared with the closing of the Domtar paper mill. "We presented the absolute devastation for the city of Cornwall from the loss of Domtar," said Bob Huget, who along with two other union officials elbowed his way into a planned consultation between the Liberal leader and local authorities about the plant shutdown.

Well there is no industrial strategy, its just more corporate welfare. Liberal policies costly: think-tankWhile the Conservatives strategy is well, wait for it....more corporate tax cuts. And you know what I think of those. Nope no strategy. Retraining laid off workers is not an industrial strategy. Lets take a lesson from the workers in Quebec who took control of their Alcan factory when it was going to get shut down. Ran it for month and made a profit. Why is no-one talking about what is as obvious as the nose on your face. Taxpayer funding to the workers to own and run their own factories. If the bosses wanna leave fine, go. But the productive infrastructure no longer belongs to them it goes to the workers, including managers, and they get to run it. With capitalization from the government and from venture capital funds, including union funds and credit union debentures specifically targeted at supporting the specific plants. There thats democratic capitalism for ya.

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