Tuesday, December 20, 2005

You are on the bus or off the bus

Ken Kesey in the sixties,who with his Merry Pranksters who traveled across Amerika in their hippie painted bus, used to say; "you are either on the bus or off the bus" . The same could be said about Jack Layton's visit to Edmonton. Well actually he didn't visit Edmonton, his bus did.

You see Jack ,like the Harper visited Alberta on the weekend. Guess the press coverage and blogging about how the party leaders were overlooking little ol' Alberta lit a fire under them.

Anyways Jack flapped into Calgary by airplane for a quickie photo op and airport rally on Sunday. Wait, Calgary?! What the heck is with that? Last election the NDP vote was neck and neck with the vote for the Green Party in Calgary.

In Calgary it was a pit stop, he shook hands and waved and got back on the plane. He didn't even make a speech worth a press release. In fact in another pit stop in little ol Castlegar B.C., home of the last of Canada's hippies hmm maybe thats the Kesey connection, he did give a speech.

While in Edmonton we have a two way race in Edmonton Strathcona between Linda Duncan of the NDP and the Conservative incumbent Rahim Jaffer. In fact Jaffer is not touring Canada because he knows its the fight of his life. But does Jack come here? Nope all we got was his empty campaign bus.

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