Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Culture of Entitlement

The panel Mike Duffy's Countdown tonight was Rona Ambrose for the Conservatives, Belinda Stronach for the Liberals and former party leader Alexa McDonough for the NDP. Mike interupted them to say he got a reply from the Liberal War Room saying yes Liberal staffers who had volunteered for the campaign would be going back to their government jobs this week since the Liberals are not campaigning. And since they were on a leave of absence they could do this. The catch is that being on a leave of abscence meant the Liberals paid them, going back to work, which actually is paid holiday time, you and I pay them.

Political Staples has the whole sorid story. With links to All things Canadian who has the video evidence.

I think all three of us, Staples, Canadian and I, must have looked like Rona and Alexa. Disgusted. Belinda proved to be a quick learner as a party flack, saying it was all quite proper and done within government procedures.

Alexa actually fumed, and Rona let her, cause she went on a veritable tirade about how unprincipaled this was, unethical, culture of entitlement, and well plain stupid. And did I mention unethical.

It's not about doing the right thing its about being seen to do the right thing. And this is defintely the wrong thing to do right now. No wonder the Liberals want tougher gun laws they keep shooting themselves in the foot.

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Reg said...

What did she say? "Don't you see anything wrong with that?!!! The
incredulousness of her tone was scathing. The botox queen
(h/t my wife - next time you watch BS, note how nothing
on her face above her upper lip moves) was a disaster trying to
spin it. Score one for you guys.