Friday, February 24, 2006


Ya gotta love King Ralph here he is saying that Alberta will Cure Cancer. Cure Cancer. Let me repeat that folks Cure Cancer.

I know people refer to the current oil boom as the Alberta Miracle but this is taking that miracle business a little to literally.

And then King Ralph goes and says in the same breath that we are going to expand our extraction of Coal and make sure we export it and use it more.

Ahem Coal causes cancer, it's from the sulpher dioxide byproduct of incomplete combustion.

Oh yeah he said clean coal. But there is no clean coal being used in Alberta or anywhere in Canada or North America for that fact.

Melchin told the audience that his province is eager to develop clean coal technology and it's working with Texas on a zero-emission coal-fired plant, which is expected to start generating electricity in the United States by 2012.Melchin pushes clean coal in Ontario

Aha this must be the wink, wink, secret new energy source George Bush has been talking about. Bush: Energy technology breakthroughs imminent

So I guess we are going to cure cancer in Alberta with clean coal. And that would be a miracle.

This is clearly Klein's swan song his legacy sitting of the Alberta Legislature.Praise Klein and maybe he will quit Which must be why he has these goofy notions of Curing Cancer and Creating Clean Coal. Yep it really is time this goofus retired.

Half of Albertans want Klein to retire soon; a party poll was reported saying 30 per cent of members cite his departure as key to renewal

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