Saturday, February 18, 2006

How Many Audits Does It Take?

The new Minister of State Security Stockwell Day has announced that he wants yet another audit of the Firearms Registry.

Not satisfied with the previous audits; the first were internal audits done in 2000-2001, followed by the damning Auditor General audit in 2002 then followed by another damning independent audit in 2003 by Raymond V. Hession and KPMG

So how many audits do ya need Stockwell to tell you that the cost overruns were caused by Privatization and Contracting Out of services. Stockwell like Vic Toews, Minister of Justice,cannot believe the facts that are as clear as the noses on their faces. Contracting Out and Privatization created the cost over-runs:

Canada’s Billion Dollar P3 Boondoggle

What the Liberals and Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know

The real story behind the cost overruns at the Canadian Firearms Centre

"Just read your piece on the firearms P3 – quite a revelation. I am amazed we have never heard this before – congratulations for bringing it to light."
Murray Dobbin, author of Paul Martin Canada's CEO
Once again the Tory ideology that privatization, contracting out and Public Private Partnerships P3's are the solution to reducing government spending and costs falls flat on its face in the light of the facts of the Firearms Registry cost over runs. They just can't beleive it to be true. All the new audit will show is what the Auditor General and Hessions KPMG audit did and I reported in the article above.

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