Saturday, February 18, 2006

Your Papers Please

Minister of Public Safety Oberfuerher Stockwell Day has decided that he should close down the Firerarms Registry cause its been a billion dollar boondoogle. Instead he wants to replace it with a National ID card and registry. Which will cost billions and be a greater infringement on our personal freedom by impacting all Canadians. Now whose the Statist?! So much for the Conservatives and their paper thin veneer of being Libertarians.

Tony Blair tried this in England to hue and cry and lost the vote. It is a major concern around the world as more and more statists attempt to impose ID cards using the hysteria around the phony war on terror as an excuse to increase monitoring of citizens. In fact statists have attempted to introduce National ID cards well before the 9/11 disaster.

Maybe Oberfuerher Day is being clever and thinks this issue will get the Liberals on side.
Liberals will not prop up Conservative government: Bill Graham

The Conservatives are out of step with their rank and file on this issue, while having the support of the same Canadians who support the Firearms Registry, which is the majority of Canadians. And ironcially
being the government in Ottawa if they push this National ID card, they will be alienating the West as a 2003 SES poll shows.

Or perhaps Stockwell Day is just hastening the day of Rapture and the coming of the Apocalypse since he is a born again evangelical Christian who believes in that bunkum.

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A tip o the blog to My Bhlag and Progressive Right for this.

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