Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Standard Western Racism

Not satisfied with insulting Canadian Muslims with its thinly veiled racism by republishing the Muhammed cartoons, see my comments here and here, now the Western Standard in the same issue has struck another low blow by insulting the wife of the Premier, with an anti-aboriginal racist slur.

It is well known that in Alberta Conservative circles that gay bashing, bashing natives and bashing East Indians is a popular past time. But this goes too far, the unnamed source clearly is a disgruntled insider who is tired of Kleins failure to exit the throne.

And so it is also a sexist slur, claiming that its all Colleens fault. Wow two count em two slurs in one article by an unamed source. The night of long knives is out for our dear Fuerher Herr Klein.

The comments were part of a column in the Western Standard magazine by writer Ric Dolphin. He suggested Colleen Klein wields too much influence over Premier Ralph Klein and his office.

Them there are
fighting words Ezra

He then goes on to quote an unnamed source who said, "Once she [Colleen] stops being the premier's wife, she goes back to being just another Indian."

Klein's wife is M├ętis.

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And it gets better because Ric Dolphin is no stranger to right wing controversial yellow journalism he was a reporter for the Alberta Report and their doppleganger the B.C. Report.

And this is far more the Report style of journalism than it is the Edmonton Journal or Calgary Herald that have both employed Ric in the past. They would not accept an 'unnamed' source for any such racist quote, but that is standard Report style journalism.

And it is Ric Dolphin wearing his outraged reactionary hat of the Alberta Report(er) that impunes Colleen with his sexist slur saying she has too much power over Ralph. This is that woman hating, sexist patriarchical slur that the Alberta Report specialized in. You know women who advance in society are not 'Real Women'. Even if they stand by their man. Nope this is that old adage that the woman is the power behind the throne, and that makes Ralph a whimp in the eyes of the butch right wing.

The Western Standard as I said before is a plagarized publication, a rehashed Alberta Report, complete with some of its old staff, and with a palagarized name, taking off on the popular American right wing paper the Weekly Standard.

And of course once again it is mindless right wing drivel that can insult thousands of Muslims and the Premier of Alberta and hence thousands of Tories in Alberta in one fell swoop. Yep that Ezra sure does spread the B.S. around.

Let's see whose up next to be smeared by this pathetic excuse for a newsmagazine, one that makes the news more than it reports it. Just like Alberta Report.

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