Thursday, February 23, 2006

Teachers Win Right To Free Speech

The 'democratic' state reveals its true authoritarian nature when it comes to mediating labour struggles. It is ALWAYS on the side of the employer. Now the B.C. Teachers union has won a landmark Free Speech case. The howls will arise on the right, you know those folks who are currently eating everything Danish, and defending the right to publish stupid cartoons. They will complain about activist judges, blah, blah. But the point here is that when the State is your employer you have to watch out for them gagging your right to free speech as has occurred in right wing Alberta. In B.C. this case is a victory for workers against the State. B.C. teachers can talk shop with parents, government disappointed
VICTORIA (CP) -- B.C. teachers are legally entitled to talk shop with parents despite a court challenge by their employer. The Supreme Court of Canada refused Thursday to hear an appeal of an earlier B.C. Court of Appeal ruling that allowed teachers to talk to parents about their concerns during parent-teacher interviews.

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