Thursday, February 23, 2006

Third Way MIA

King Ralphs mauch touted 'Third Way' in Medicare reform is still MIA. It wasn't in his TV Inofmercial the other night and yesterday it was absent, MIA in fact, from the Throne Speech.

“This session, government will take steps to improve access, sustainability, choice, innovation and efficiency in Alberta’s health-care system,” said the speech.Despite its references to offering choice and innovation in health care, it provided no details of Klein’s proposed “third way,” which could open the door to private health insurers and for-profit hospitals offering services now covered by medicare.

Guess after all this time, all those focus groups, all the studies, all the reviews, after Bill 11 , after King Ralphs Grand Tour touting his reforms, this new bill has yet to be written!

Klein conceded yesterday the legislation has yet to be drafted, but he still hopes to push ahead after some form of consultation with Albertans."Hopefully it will be done this spring, but I am waiting to see what the legislation will look like."

You would think these guys would have it prepared. But of course not. In Alberta everyone knows the real legislation is done in cabinet, by decree. Where the government doesn't have to face the discomfort of democarcy and Question Period. And of course mass disapproval and the disapproval of the masses.

Keep Medicare Public
What is the Third Way?

February 23:
Vigil in Support of Public Medicare
12:15 pm
Front steps of the Alberta Legislature building

Vigils on the steps of the Leg will be every Monday evening at 7:15 pm and Wednesday afternoon at 12:15 pm while the Legislature is in session.

Copyright © 2006 Friends of Medicare.

This is what the rest of Canada is going to have to get used to soon, with the Harperites now in power in Ottawa, Alberta.

Here is the Alberta version of Accountable Government.

When answering a question on health care from New Democratic Party Leader Brian Mason, Klein said he’s been inundated with requests for more money from Alberta’s regional health authorities.
How much money are they asking for? Well....
KLEIN: “Without going through the whole list, the total is $100.6 billion — $100.6 billion this year alone — and they (New Democrats) have no solution other than to spend, spend, and spend more.”
$100.6 billion? That’s 10 times the size of the entire health budget!
Klein repeated the $100.6 billion figure five more times — a figure he puzzlingly used to browbeat and berate the New Democrats, as if they want to spend $100 billion more on health care.
Oops — he later dropped the figure to $10.6 billion.
Double oops — after Question Period he dropped the figure yet again to $1.6 billion.
Klein said he made a mistake. He did the math himself on what the health authorities are requesting and came up with the wrong number — twice.

Wow that sounds just like an anwser those guys in Ottawa that just got turfed used to give in QP.. Will Klein Share Chretiens Fate?

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