Thursday, March 23, 2006

Iraq History

As America reconstructs Iraq in the image of Halliburton, we should perhaps review the history of the cradle of civilization that is currently being divided into sectarian states in preparation for becoming a Market State.

Iraq three years later: A glance back -- from the 19th century until today
Laurie King-Irani, Electronic Iraq (22 March 2006)
"Although Iraq is often described as separable into three distinct geographic and ethno-religious zones, the actual sociopolitical situation on the ground has always been more complex and heterogeneous due to extensive intermarriage, joint entrepreneurial projects, and consecutive waves of rural-to-urban migration over the last century. It is neither possible nor useful to correlate Iraq’s ethno-religious diversity with geography, class, or political ideology. Identity categories are not fixed, constant, and inevitable, but responsive to and shaped by administrative contexts of authority, resource allocation, and the codification of rights and duties. Apparently, no one told the Bush Administration about this basic anthropological tenet." An historical and anthropological overview of Iraq's history and current crises by Laurie King-Irani, an Electronic Iraq co-founder and social anthropologist.

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