Thursday, March 23, 2006

No Free Speech Here

They want free speech, they want the right to protests,they want to meet the PM. And they lie. Tearful Bardot appeals for end to seal hunt

Paul Watson of Sea Shepard lies. He claims he is arrested every time he gets on an ice flow. He forgets to say thats because he is interfering in the seal hunt. He demands free speech and the right to protest on the ice.

He says that Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette who opposes him is a liar. The DFO are liars, and the Inuit are liars.

He lies in a press conference when he tells reporters that this isn't about the Inuit hunt. Then on Mike Duffy Live he brags that his Sea Shepard society have gotten quotas imposed on native seal hunting around the world. And of course he wants it to stop. He lies when he says they use the White Coat seal photos for propaganda PR cause they are not allowed to photograph other seals.

Paul McCartney
was on the ice with both new born white coats and more mature baby seals, and for propaganda purposes he was photographed with the white coats.

Mr. Watson called the seal hunt "barbarous," saying he has witnessed seals kicked in the face and skinned alive, something Ottawa insist does not take place.

Sure that was thirty years ago when the hunt began. When Greenpeace and the Sealers were cooperating, trying to only reduce the quota's. When the Green NGO's were being reasonable. Now they want a complete ban. period. No quota's not even on Inuit hunts.

Which is why Paul Watson and Bridgette Bardot denied these folks their right to be heard.

Outside the hotel, a group of high school students from Nunavut, some wearing seal boots, demonstrated. They banged drums and waved placards with the words "seals are part of our economy." They were told they were not allowed in.

Nunavut's Education Minister, Edward Picco, who was in Ottawa for meetings, joined the students.

"Students want to show there is another side to the issue," he said, wearing his harp seal coat. The "Brigitte Bardots of this world" have no idea about sealing, he added

“The only cruelty here is the cruelty being inflicted on aboriginal Canadians.”

Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette accused Bardot of being dishonest in her crusade. Bardot’s website denounces the hunt, using the image of a baby seal with its blood spreading over the snow. But Hervieux-Payette noted that, since 1987, Canada has banned the hunting of seal pups while they still have their white coats

In fact it was three Liberal Senators including Hervieux-Payette who defended the Inuit and the Sealers and, gasp, the Harper government in a counter press conference yesterday. Since Harper and his Ministers refused to meet Watson or Bardot.

The cone of silence on the seal hunt is business as usual for Harper. But the Liberal Senators who said he was too busy conducting business of state to respond to Bardots publicity stunt still get dissed by the right wing and the Blogging Tories.

Watson doesn't lie when he says he is opposed to all hunting of all animals. He is a vegetarian. Better a billion carrots die than a 325,000 seals.

Though it is the history of humans as agriculturalists, not humans the hunter gatherer, that has created modern civilization and its resulting industrialization and capitalism. Opps forgot about that did we Paul?

Finally lets accept the fact that little white coat seals are still cuter than a faded sobbing starlet. And the Green NGO's will contiue to milk this image for all the $$$$ they can get from the gullible public. And that's what this whole campaign against Canada's seal hunt is about.

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chandrasutra said...
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chandrasutra said...
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chandrasutra said...

I thought Bardot was a devoted fascist. How come there's no mention of this anywhere? Is it precluded by her age, past sexual appeal and love for animals?

eugene plawiuk said...

I actually have posted about her fascism and anti-immigrant support of Le Pen in France. But thanks for giving me chance to mention it again. And here are the links to my comments on her fascism.
Beauty and the Beast

Blonde Lobster

And while we are at it lets not forget Paul Watson's aligning with the rascist republican right wing in the U.S. against aborignal whalers. Paul Watson: Eco-Warrior or Shameful Racist

brinley said...

so because governments are behind whaling and seal hunting research, it automatically justifies the corrupt reality of these people using it for everything but?
you see watson as an extremist but what are you passionate about besides providing a far-outsiders view point... gathering false information off the internet to bash on people who are passionate about a species existence.

you fall into a category of the majority of our world...personal insecurity..defined by your faith.
go find something worthy of your journalism besides someone who believes in animal rights creep.

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